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TECH University: The World's Best Online University


TECH has established itself as the world's leading online university. Thanks to its commitment to innovative pedagogical technologies and an exceptional faculty, TECH has achieved official recognition in various countries in Europe and America, graduating over half a million students in just under a decade.

27 Mayo de 2024 11.25

Virtual university education is now firmly established as an irreversible trend. According to international studies, over the next five years, 45% of higher education will be delivered remotely. In view of these forecasts, TECH has demonstrated that the future is not so distant. The university, officially recognized in Spain, Andorra, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, stands as a resounding case of international educational success, achieving unprecedented expansion in the online academic sector. 

“A university created by and for the digital era” is TECH's unique proposal. Thus, it has focused on promoting high-quality virtual learning, fully supported by methodologies designed to improve the student experience. This is a milestone that has positioned TECH as the official university of the most prestigious basketball league in the world, the NBA. 

Founded in 2015, and under the seal of the TECH Education group, TECH Technological University has achieved the widest catalog of academic programs worldwide, all of them available in 11 languages, a feat that has made it possible to bring university education to every corner of the world, guaranteeing, in addition, a 99% job placement rate.

Additionally, it stands out as the highest-rated university by its students, scoring 4.9 out of 5 on the reputable review website Trustpilot, famous for its rigor in verifying the authenticity of each opinion expressed.

Furthermore, TECH has been distinguished as a Google Premier Partner, an accolade bestowed by the tech giant only upon the most outstanding companies in the world. With this badge, Google highlights the work of only 3% of companies committed to providing an excellent digital experience in terms of optimization, performance, and quality of online service.

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TECH Technological University: A Global Success Story 

Currently, TECH boasts the most extensive catalog of university degrees globally, with over 14,000 undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These are distributed across twenty faculties, including Medicine, Nursing, Video Games, Humanities, and Psychology. At the same time, the university is a pioneer in creating innovative programs tailored to the current professional world. In this regard, its focus on Artificial Intelligence linked to areas such as Design, Marketing and Communication, Clinical Practice and Research, or Education particularly stands out.

TECH has a rich inventory of academic programs taught by an internationally renowned faculty, with more than 6,000 teachers of the highest prestige. These include professors, researchers, and senior executives from multinational corporations, among whom are Isaiah Covington, performance coach for the Boston Celtics; Magda Romanska, principal investigator at Harvard's MetaLAB; Ignacio Wistumba, chair of the translational molecular pathology department at MD Anderson Cancer Center; and D.W. Pine, creative director of TIME magazine, among others.

Moreover, the institution has offices in over 10 countries across Europe, Asia, and America, garnering official recognition in Spain (TECH Technological University), Mexico (TECH University), Costa Rica (TECH FUNDEPOS University), Colombia (TECH UNIMETA University Corporation), Venezuela (TECH ULAC University), and Andorra (TECH Global University). This exponential growth has made the university one of the top 200 fastest-growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times magazine.

In the job market, TECH currently employs over 2,500 people in various pedagogical and administrative departments worldwide, with a development plan aiming to increase the company's human capital to 4,000 employees by 2028.

Education for Development and Employment: TECH Vocational Training  

In addition to all this, this educational group has launched the world's largest vocational training center: TECH Vocational Training, which is an initiative aimed at providing a revolutionary learning model, focused on employment and tailored to the requirements of the current business landscape. With this project, TECH aims to "train 40,000 professionals annually from 2026 onwards," according to Manuel Sánchez-Cascado de Fuentes, CEO of the TECH Education group.

To meet this ambitious goal, TECH Vocational Training offers 36 cycles of higher and intermediate degrees and 38 in open exams. Additionally, it offers an extensive catalog of its own degrees designed to promote job placement and contribute to social and economic development in different geographical areas. 

A Cutting-Edge Pedagogical Methodology 

All programs at TECH Technological University are taught based on an internationally acclaimed methodology: Relearning. It is a 100% online learning model based on guided repetition of key concepts. Through it, students can enhance the learning process and decide the time they dedicate to analyzing and internalizing each concept. As a result, they more efficiently overcome the Forgetting Curve, as postulated by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus.

The results of this method applied in TECH's study methodologies are outstanding, surpassing global standards of quality that evaluate the effectiveness of online education. Aspects such as methodology, course content, or technology used receive scores above 4 out of 5 on the Likert Scale. 

Simultaneously, TECH stands out as the first online university to combine its methodology with the Case Method, widely used by prestigious Business Schools such as Harvard University. Through this pedagogical strategy, students can familiarize themselves with advanced work tools and analyze how to apply them in everyday contexts, thanks to multimedia resources such as online simulations, detailed videos, and technical notes.


With all this, this institution is considered a true international benchmark in distance learning, with over 100,000 students annually and over 500,000 graduates from over 150 different countries.

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